My experience with Baja Babysitting began in May 2012.  I had just returned from college in Sonora to live with my family in Los Cabos.  I had always wanted to work with children.  When I heard about Baja Babysitting I immediately knew I wanted to join the team and add to the reputation of the company.  I started right away as a full-time babysitter.  I was available for all jobs that I was asked to work and was always happy to meet new families.   

Looking back now I can’t believe how far the company has come and how incredible the experience has been.  This truly is the best job I could have applied for 2 years ago and I have now been given the chance of becoming the new owner of Baja Babysitting.  I am ready for this new challenge and am looking forward to continuing to help families during their vacation in Los Cabos.  I feel honored both to call Los Cabos my home and myself the owner of Baja Babysitting.  

Thank you to all of the families that have used our service in the past and to my team of babysitters who follow my motto of giving the best service possible to our clients.

Diana Oropeza, Owner


*A big gracias to Sara Richardson for our Baja Babysitting team photoshoot at Monuments Beach!