Is been one year of my ownership. I couldn’t be happier with my job and my team.

One year might not be a long of time but it is enough time to realize that is been a constant learning experience. What I love about the beginning of my journey is all the support from my family and great team of sitters; together we are taking Baja Babysitting to the next level.

New challenges, ideas, and dreams are beginning and I’m ready for it. I feel very proud of the energy we have and how devoted we all are in Baja Babysitting. Today I want to thank everyone who has believed in us as a company and me as the new leader. I never will get tired to mention how much we Love our loyal clients and our new ones! Without you Baja Babysitting wouldn’t be here.

My mission and goal will always be to maintain our great reputation and to keep growing with values, honesty and hard work. 

           Diana Oropeza, Owner


*A big gracias to Sara Richardson for our Baja Babysitting team photoshoot at Monuments Beach!